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About Us

Setting a new standard in precision oncology with our best-in-class copper-based radiopharmaceuticals

Our Vision

NUCLIDIUM’s vision is to address the unmet need in cancer medicine by providing personalised treatment options for cancer patients at every stage of their disease to improve long-term survival. Our therapeutic approach combines accurate diagnosis and staging of cancers at an early stage with a highly personalized treatment dose enabling less aggressive treatment and a significantly better quality of life for the patient.

We Aim to Address the Persistent Unmet Need in Oncology

Our therapeutic portfolio includes personalised treatment strategies for key solid tumour indications with high need for innovation. 

Meet our Team


Our Diverse and Dynamic Team

Dr. Leila Jaafar-Thiel

CEO and Founder
Prof. Dr. Gustav von Schulthess (MD, PhD)

Prof. Dr. Gustav von Schulthess (MD, PhD)

Medical Advisor and Co-Founder
Alessandro Del Fabro

Alessandro Del Fabro


Dr. Attila Molnar

Head of Analytical- and Radiochemistry
Dr. Francesco de Rose

Dr. Francesco de Rose

Head of Pharmaceutical Development
Dr. Caterina Porcelli

Dr. Caterina Porcelli

Head of Quality Assurance

Ann-Kristin Gabriel

Office & Financial Manager

Board Members & Senior Advisors

Dr. Anthony Wild

Investor Director

Dr. Matthias Staehelin

Independent Director

Dr. Gary Ulaner (MD, FACNM, PhD)

Medical Advisor

Prof. Dr. Dr. Damian Wild

Medical Advisor

Prof. Dr. Melpomeni Fani

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Michael L. Nichols

Scientific advisor

Our Investors & Partners


Become a partner

NUCLIDIUM collaborates actively with leading partners in a multitude of interdisciplinary fields – to optimise our production processes, further expand our supply network and advance our innovative product portfolio into the clinic. Join our global network of collaborators to set a new standard in precision oncology providing a true benefit to cancer patients worldwide. For more information, contact us at