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Collaboration Partners LinaThera, NUCLIDIUM, Medical Valley Center Forchheim, Klinikum Bayreuth und Erlangen University Hospital Receive Funding from Oberfrankenstiftung for the Production and Clinical Development of Radionuclide Therapies

Collaboration Partners LinaThera, NUCLIDIUM, Medical Valley Center Forchheim, Klinikum Bayreuth und Erlangen University Hospital Receive Funding from Oberfrankenstiftung for the Production and Clinical Development of Radionuclide Therapies

— Funding supports the construction of a production facility in the Medical Valley Forchheim and first clinical feasibility studies —

Munich and Forchheim, Germany, June 13, 2024 – Targeted radionuclide therapy is emerging as a highly effective method of treating cancers with high unmet needs, such as prostate and breast cancers, potentially benefitting a vast number of patients. Creating the optimal framework and appropriate environment is essential for successfully integrating these novel therapies. In supporting this initiative, the “Oberfrankenstiftung” (Upper Franconia Foundation) has awarded funding of €400,000 to a project team comprising LinaThera GmbH, NUCLIDIUM AG, Medical Valley Center Forchheim, Klinikum Bayreuth, and Erlangen University Hospital.

The joint project aims to develop radiopharmaceuticals and enhance cancer treatment. A key milestone is the planned feasibility study, designed to highlight regional benefits and opportunities through establishing a production facility and expanding nuclear medicine infrastructure in the region. Additionally, the study will identify the necessary steps required to realize a dedicated cancer therapy center, demonstrating its positive impact on the region and the state of Bavaria.

 “The funding has been granted as LinaThera prepares to establish a production facility for radionuclides in the district of Forchheim, Germany. Medical radionuclides are urgently needed as raw materials for the production of radiopharmaceuticals. “Our plant makes radioligand therapy accessible. In doing so, we are helping to achieve the European goal of being less internationally dependent on the supply of radiopharmaceuticals for cancer patients,” says Dr. Christoph Thiel, CEO of LinaThera.

In collaboration with regional decision-makers, medical professionals, and industry, necessary recommendations for implementing this major project will be developed. This initiative provides an opportunity to position Upper Franconia and Bavaria as pioneers in radioligand therapy and establish a new business-oriented value chain in the region.

NUCLIDIUM AG is a key part of the project. The Basel-based biotech company with a fully owned R&D branch in Munich develops innovative, targeted copper-based radioligand therapeutics and companion diagnostics. The company’s product candidates are already being investigated in several difficult-to-treat cancer indications.

“Radioligand therapy has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment and, with specialized therapy centers, we can significantly improve patient care,” says Dr. Leila Jaafar-Thiel, CEO and Co-Founder of NUCLIDIUM. “Our goal is to make our innovative copper-based radionuclide diagnostics and therapies available to a broad patient population to improve their treatment significantly.”

The approved project builds on successful partnerships and networking activities, enhancing transdisciplinary cooperation between the public sector, industry, and science. In the long term, this initiative will help create future-oriented and innovative jobs in the region.

“We would like to thank the Oberfrankenstiftung and the Board of Trustees for this great support, particularly Dr. Ulrich Schürr, a member of the Board of Trustees, for his personal support. With the additional focus on nuclear medicine, the Medical Valley Center Forchheim is further expanding its strong position as an innovation and start-up center in the region. We want to continue to use this positive development to further develop and expand the region economically with our partners,,” says  Viktor Naumann, CEO of Medical Valley Forchheim GmbH.


NUCLIDIUM is transforming precision oncology with its state-of-the-art copper-based radiopharmaceuticals, delivering unmatched accuracy and accessibility for targeted cancer treatment and diagnosis. Our innovative CuTrace™ platform merges copper radiometals with targeted cancer molecules, speeding up the creation of new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. This portfolio enhances safety and efficacy, offering cost-effective solutions for hospitals and patients. Our unique diagnostic-to-therapeutic model simplifies development, tackling manufacturing and distribution challenges to increase flexibility for medical providers. Our diverse, interdisciplinary team is dedicated to revolutionizing precision radio-oncology, significantly benefiting cancer patients.

For more information, please contact:

Viktor Naumann
CEO Medical Valley Forchheim GmbH
Phone: +49 9191 / 9504010

Dr. Christoph Thiel
CEO of LinaThera GmbH
Phone: +49 176 716 26835

Investor/Media Contact NUCLIDIUM
Trophic Communications
Stephanie May, PhD
Phone: +49 171 1855682

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