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Cu-61: Pioneering the Future of PET Imaging with Enhanced Precision and Patient Safety

Cu-61: Pioneering the Future of PET Imaging with Enhanced Precision and Patient Safety

Basel, Switzerland, October 26, 2023

Discover the transformative potential of Copper-61 (Cu-61) as a PET tracer in the latest publication by review article by Prof. Melpomeni Fani and Dr. Guillaume Nicolas of the University Hospital of Basel titled ‘61Cu-Labeled Radiotracers: Alternative or Choice?’. The publication describes a new horizon in medical imaging with its superior sensitivity and minimized radiation exposure for patients that can be reached with Cu-61 as a PET Tracer. This breakthrough promises not only to elevate diagnostic accuracy but also to revolutionize patient care through its flexible application and the promise of cost-effective, widespread clinical adoption. Explore the cutting-edge advancements and the promising future of Cu-61 in PET imaging at Nuclidium’s latest feature.

About NUCLIDIUM’s Copper-61 based PET imaging tracers

Copper-61 is a highly desirable radionuclide for labeling PET tracers in pre-clinical and clinical settings. It has a half-life of 3.33 hours and is a favorable positron emitter (61% β+, Emax = 1.216 MeV). Its moderate 3.33-hour half-life offers an advantage over existing clinical tracers, enabling PET scans at extended post-injection intervals. All these factors result in improved diagnostic performance due to higher image contrast and better tumor-to-background ratios over time compared to other clinically used tracers.

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