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Setting a
New Standard in
Precision Oncology

Best-in-class copper-based radiopharmaceuticals enable the highest accuracy and accessibility for targeted cancer treatment

Precision pipeline

Delivering superior precision oncology treatments to patients with diverse high-need tumour indications

Unique Diagnostic to Therapeutic Approach

Our proprietary CuTrace™ platform enables a flexible development of radiotherapeutics based on companion diagnostic

Secured Production Process & Broad Distribution Network

Overcoming current limitations for targeted radiopharmaceuticals at highly advantageous economics

About Us

A precise and targeted treatment saves lives:

NUCLIDIUM’s mission is to provide personalised therapy for cancer patients at every stage of their disease. 

Our flexible CuTrace™ platform combines copper radiometals with a variety of highly specific cancer-targeting molecules to rapidly develop novel therapeutic and diagnostic programs. The resulting product portfolio achieves an improved safety and efficacy profile for patients with advantageous economics.

Addressing the Unmet Need in Major Oncology Indications with Disruptive Treatments

Precision medicine is driving novel cancer treatment. NUCLIDIUM is poised to deliver the value of copper-based radiopharmaceuticals to patients.

Why Do We Need Better Radiopharmaceuticals?

The quality of life and survival rates of cancer patients critically depend on a precise diagnosis and treatment. Recent technological advancements have made radiopharmaceuticals a promising regimen in precision oncology. However, to unleash their full potential, several challenges and limitations need to be addressed:

Improving Survival

50% of cancer patients are misdiagnosed severly impacting survival & quality of life. €3bn loss/year through misdiagnosis of common cancer types

Current Diagnostics

Current radiodiagnostics do not cover diagnosis/staging and follow-up for different tumor types in one product

High Costs

Different radiometals in diagnosis and treatment require elaborate manufacturing and supply networks with high technology costs

Target Molecules

Different target molecules between diagnostics and therapeutic prevent accurate assessment of biodistribution and dosimetry