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Nuclidium & LinaThera: Advancing Sustainable Radiopharmaceutical Development

Nuclidium & LinaThera: Advancing Sustainable Radiopharmaceutical Development

Medical Valley Forchheim, Germany, February 2, 2024

In the last decade, radioligand therapy has transformed the treatment of bone-metastasized prostate cancer, opening new avenues in combatting solid tumors. Nuclidium is at the helm of pioneering innovative copper-based radiopharmaceuticals for both diagnosis and treatment.

We’re thrilled to announce our next big leap: Together with our partner LinaThera, we are building a state-of-the-art integrated manufacturing facility in the Medical Valley Forchheim. This project isn’t just about innovation; it’s a commitment to sustainability and ensuring a steady supply of novel cancer treatments. Designed with expansion in mind, it marks a significant step towards accessible cancer care for everyone.

We are working closely with the Bavarian Ministries for Economics and Environment to accelerate the development of this important endeavour.

Read more about the initiative here (German-only):

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NUCLIDIUM is setting a new standard in the precision oncology landscape by developing best-in-class copper-based radiopharmaceuticals that enable the highest accuracy and accessibility for targeted cancer treatment and diagnosis. Our flexible CuTraceTM platform combines copper radiometals with a variety of highly specific cancer-targeting molecules to rapidly develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic programs. The resulting product portfolio leverages the unique properties of copper to achieve an improved safety and efficacy profile with advantageous economics for hospitals and patients. NUCLIDIUM’s differentiated “diagnostic to therapeutic” approach de-risks our development pathway. With innovation as our core, we overcome supply limitations in manufacturing and distribution, bringing greater flexibility to medical facilities. We are a diverse and interdisciplinary team focused on changing precision radio-oncology for the better to deliver a true benefit to cancer patients.

About LinaThera

Based in Germany, LinaThera is developing a facility focused on the production of medical radionuclides and the manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals. The company aims to make the production of these radiopharmaceuticals safe, sustainable, and accessible to a broad patient base. Recognized worldwide as a precise and gentle method of cancer treatment, the use of radionuclide therapy has increased dramatically in the last decade. Securing a steady supply of medical radionuclides will be increasingly challenging to meet demands as more therapies receive market authorization. Unlike traditional approaches, LinaThera will produce radionuclides in a modularly expandable accelerator facility while avoiding using nuclear reactors. This concept not only significantly improves the supply but is also scalable to meet growing demand.

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